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Off Grid Solar Adelaide at Allstate Solar

We are best solar company in Adelaide .We specialize in the design and installation of  Off Grid Solar Adelaide, incorporating the natural and free power from the sun for our residential, regional and commercial customers. We design each system to your individual needs, therefore ensuring the best possible solution to combat the soaring cost of electricity. We incorporate all technologies of PV Solar including quality Grid-connected PV, Hybrid and Off-grid Solar systems for your home or business. We have installed over 55,000KW of solar panels in Australia, that’s over 10,000 happy customers and 200,000 panels installed. Allstate Solar and Home Improvements is a family owned business with a strong focus in solar energy technologies, off grid solar, roof restoration, re-roofing, roller shutter and gutter guard. Having 25 years experience in the home improvement industry, we provide quality solutions to homes and business across Australia. Our tradesmen are fully licensed and accredited and all workmanship is covered under our company’s insurance.

How can we help you with your off grid solar Adelaide needs?

There are 3 easy steps to off grid solar Adelaide; first, phone us for an appointment and an on-site assessment, next place an order and Allstate Solar will gain all the necessary approvals, last we install your off grid solar system. Our capabilities are many and varied. We help customers find a solution that is design to provide maximum benefit. Off grid solar systems are not connected to the electricity grid and typically are installed in remote areas, where there is limited connection to the grid, or areas of low electricity demand. Unlike their grid-connected counterparts, these systems must have batteries or back-up generation to provide supply at night. In many cases they will also include a diesel or petrol generator to supplement energy supply. With the installation of your own off grid solar stand-alone system, you can become completely independent from external energy supplies, avoid diesel generation costs and save yourself from grid connection charges.

Off Grid Solar Adelaide
sa government home battery subsidy

Off Grid Solar Adelaide – the best choice!

Our goal is to always be the leader in everything solar, including off grid solar, by being the best at what we do. Our aim is to always offer value for money and we will continually search for and use the highest quality materials available. We continue to engage the best possible people and continually expand their knowledge and training so as to service our customers with the upmost integrity. As a company our customers are our highest priority: as such we pledge to always remember that we are a people and service focused company, without you the customer, there is no company. We will never forget that our achievements start in the mind of each individual customer and as such we will always listen. Which we will then as a team achieve our company’s ultimate goals. For all of your off grid solar Adelaide needs – we are your number one choice!

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We have built a solid reputation for installing quality off grid solar power systems across the nation. Contact us today to see how Allstate Solar can help you!

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