Who is who in the solar market?

When it comes to solar it is always wise for a customer to check whether the solar company has the Clean Energy Council accreditation to install solar systems. Ask them whether they have qualified installer/ designer. You should check whether they have the appropriate builders license(this is required as solar panel installation is regarded as building work) and an electrical contractor’s licence. According to the governing laws and regulations a solar company must have these credentials. Otherwise the solar system is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty regardless what they promised you and the building work is not going to be covered by your home or business building insurance in case something happens.

Is there any government Feed-in-tariff?

No. The state government feed-in-tariff schemes has finished. For people who entered into a contract in the past have a feed-in-tariff may still apply until their contract runs out.

Do I need battery storage system?

The future of solar lies in battery storage system, with the ever diminishing feed-in-tariff it is advisable when sizing a solar system to have a provision for batteries.

I already have a solar system, can I add battery to it?

Yes in most cases battery systems can be retrofitted to existing solar system. We can help you with that.

Are they reputable?

When selecting your solar company, make sure you choose a reputable company with proven experience. You should find out how long they have been in the solar industry and whether they are an established company that will be around in the future if things go wrong. Jump on their company website to check the testimonials or ask them to show you what solar systems they have done in your area. If you know their past customers contact some of them to find out if they were knowledgeable, easy to work with, and took the time to explain the system’s operation. Also find out if their systems are working well, if there have been any problems, and, if so, if their installer returned to fix them.

What is the benefit of solar?

It is beneficial to have a solar. For people who are considering solar it is not a matter of making money by selling solar electricity back to the grid, it is now more important to use your solar electricity during daylight hours.

What size battery storage do I need?

Battery storage size depends on your electricity usage pattern(daytime and nighttime use). Based on your electricity bills we are able to advise you what best suits you.

How much will this cost me?

Thanks to the Government’s Solar Credits scheme the cost to the customer is greatly reduced.


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