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Commercial Solar at Allstate Solar

Allstate Solar and Home Improvements is a family owned solar company Adelaide that has a strong focus in solar energy technologies, Commercial Solar Adelaide, roof restoration, re-roofing, roller shutter and gutter guard. Having 14 years of solar industry experience, we can provide quality commercial solar solutions to homes and business across Australia.

Commercial Solar Adelaide Installation and Service

We have built a solid reputation for installing quality solar power systems across the nation. We have installed over 55,000KW of solar panels in Australia, that’s over 10,000 happy customers and 200,000 panels installed. There are 3 easy steps to commercial Solar Adelaide; first, phone us for an appointment and an on-site assessment, next place an order and Allstate Solar will gain all the necessary approvals, last we install your commercial solar system. This installation process normally takes 3 to 4 hours, however a larger commercial solar system may take more time.
Our commercial solar Adelaide division covers solar panel based power-systems installed on the rooftops of businesses, schools and community organisations throughout Australia. Our capabilities are many and varied. Any business with a large roof space could reap the rewards of installing a large-scale commercial solar power system. We help customers find a solution that is design to provide maximum benefit.

Commercial Solar Adelaide
Commercial Solar Adelaide

Why our Commercial Solar Adelaide service is the best choice for you

We help customers match their budget and energy needs with a solution that is designed to provide maximum benefit. We have all the credentials to deliver your commercial solar solution safely, on time and on budget and we can offer ongoing support to ensure you are achieving the maximum benefit from going solar.

We specialize in the design and installation of commercial Solar Technology, incorporating the natural and free power from the sun for our residential, regional and commercial customers. We design each system to your individual needs, therefore ensuring the best possible solution to combat the soaring cost of electricity.

For people who are considering commercial solar it is not a matter of making money by selling solar electricity back to the grid, it is now more important to use your solar electricity during daylight hours.

We are a well-established Australian company, with a great reputation and proven experience.

Choose Commercial Solar Adelaide today!

Allstate Solar and Home Improvements is your one-step destination for all things commercial solar. We’re always willing to help out with a quote and inspection so please contact us.

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Generate Your Own Electricity With Help From Our Solar Company Adelaide

Be part of the rising global energy and climate crisis by generating your own energy for your home or building’s power consumption. If you are looking for a solar company Adelaide that will bring you top of the line components for a solar photovoltaic system, come only to Allstate Solar. We are a family owned and managed business who is focused in bringing roof works such as on-grid, hybrid, and off-grid solar energy technologies, re-roofing and roof restoration, window roller shutters, and gutter guard, to a wider customer reach in Australia. Our main office is located in 16 Desmond Avenue Marleston South Australia but we also provide services to customers in Victoria, ACT, Regional New South Wales and Western Australia, as well as Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Call us today for any roofing or solar energy services at 1300 166 477 or refer to our contact page.

Solar Company Adelaide Technology To Suit Your Needs

As the prices of solar photovoltaic components continue to drop, more and more people are subscribing to this technology that allows you to generate your own electricity to cover your demands. Allstate Solar is a South Australian solar company Adelaide team that is dedicated in bringing you everything you need to set up your own small scale household and building power plant. You can either choose to have an on-grid system that allows you to stay connected to the grid and source power from either grid supply or a solar photovoltaic supply. Off-grid photovoltaic systems, on the other hand, only produces power for a local demand such as your home or building and has no connection to the grid. Hybrid systems offers you the capability to sell the extra power you produce back to the grid where it will be utilised by other users on the grid. This allows you shorter time for return of investment while generating clean energy for yourself.

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Solar Company Adelaide

Environment And Social Responsibility With Our Solar Company Adelaide

Allstate Solar is the home improvement and solar company Adelaide team you can trust. In every project we implement, we make sure we strive to become the leader in the industry and that we deliver in order to exceed customer demands. We continue to learn and evolve with the technology and offer up to date equipment to ensure top shape performance of our installed systems. We not only value our customers but also our employees and teams by providing them with public liability insurance to keep them safe when working with installations solar panel. We are also accredited by the Master Builder Association (MBA), Housing Industry Association (HIA), Smart Energy Council (SEC), and the Australian Solar Council so you know you can trust our workmanship and standards. We also support local teams such as Adelaide Adrenaline Ice Hockey Team, and the Adelaide University Soccer Club.

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We would love to hear from you. Call us today on 1300 166 477 and let us help you with a quotation or power needs audit for your home or building.

Call us now to find your solution 1300 166 477

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